Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jeon Woo Chi

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Hah, dalam musim-musim exam ni sempat juga aku layan satu movie korea. Sebenarnya dah lama aku download, tapi baru tengok dua hari lepas. Genre cerita: Aksi, komedi dan fantasi. Dan aku bagi rate 3.5/5

Oleh sebab sekarang sedang final exam, aku malas nak review dan tulis sinopsis. Jadi layankan saja sinopsis english di bawah.Thank you.


The year is 1509 and a magic flute had fallen into the hands of evil goblins. A gang of Taoist wizards then seek the assistance of Cheong Wan (Baek Yun Shik) and Hwadam (Kim Yun Seok) to capture the goblins. After capturing the goblins they are being kept in a jar and each take possession of half of the flute.

Woochi (Kang Dong Won) is one disciple of Cheong Wan who likes to show off and use his skills to bully the king. The angry king then requests Hwadam and the Taoist wizards to track him down. Woochi at the same time is wooing Kyeong Seo (Im Su Jeong).

After arriving at Cheong Wan's house he is later found dead. Woochi and his dog, Choraengi (Yoo Hae Jin) are blamed for the murder and they need to face a 500 year sentence inside a painting. While serving their punishment the goblins escape from the jar and in the year of 2009, they appear in modern Korea to create havoc around the city.

The Taoist wizards then approach Hwadam to recapture the goblins but he is nowhere to be found. Then they head to a local museum where Woochi is being kept inside a painting for help. As a reward for capturing the goblins he will be promoted to be a Taoist master.

Together Woochi and Choraengi start their journey to look for the goblins. They are amazed with the modern technology and lifestyle and get further distracted when Woochi bumps into a woman who is a reincarnation of his previous love 500 years ago.

Will Hwadam appear to capture the goblins? Who will capture the goblins in the end?

Credit:Film asia

Nota tangan: Suka tengok part masa Woo Chi memperkenalkan diri dia pada orang lain.Comel.

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