Monday, April 18, 2011

REBOUND dalam to watch list

Kepada peminta-peminat couple Zettai kareshi, bulan April ni, start drama terbaru diorang tajuk "REBOUND". Excited tak?

Synopsis seperti berikut;

Aibu Saki will be taking the lead role for the upcoming drama, “Rebound”!

The drama is written by Yukawa Kazuhiko, the same scriptwriter behind the dramas “Joou no Kyoushitsu” and “Magerarenai Onna.” In the past, Yukawa experienced problems with overeating, indulging in cake, and becoming a startling 60 kg (132 lbs) by the sixth grade. When he reached 85 kg, Yukawa became determined to lose weight and successfully lost 35 kg (77 lbs) through diet and exercise. Afterwards, Yukawa became an editor for the fashion magazine, “MODE Kei.”

Aibu will be taking on a very unique role for the drama, as her character, Nobuko, will be an 85 kg (187 lbs) woman who is also addicted to cake and needs to make a “rebound” in her lifestyle. In order to fit the role, the slim actress underwent a special make-up process to help her “gain” the necessary weight. A “fat-suit” was specially designed for Aibu the month prior to shooting, while special make-up was applied to her limbs to add additional meat onto the skinny actress.

“When I imagined myself wearing the special make-up for the first time, I was really excited,” confessed Aibu. “I’ll do my best so that everyone that watches can feel surprised by the transformation and be encouraged (to lose weight).”

The drama, which airs in April, will be the third time since the drama “Zettai Kareshi” that Aibu Saki and actor Hayami Mokomichi will co-star together. “Rebound” will also feature Kuriyama Chiaki, who will play the role of Nobuko’s best friend, Mimura Hitomi.

Aibu Saki also seemed to have a high opinion of the upcoming drama. “Although there are so many ‘original dramas,’ these works are too concerned with being ‘original’,” said the actress, looking enthusiastic about her newest series. “I feel like (this drama) is one worth doing. Please look forward to it.”

Credit : Tokyohive

Sebab musabab aku excited nak tengok cerita ni mestilah kerana diorang ni yang berlakon. Aku suka diorang dalam Zettai Kareshi lagi. Sweet sangat. Night Tenjo(Hayami Mokomichi)yang memang ciri-ciri boyfriend idaman. Dan Izawa Riiko (Aibu Saki) yang comel berlesung pipit.

Kalau siapa-siapa yang tak kenal mereka ni, meh aku tepek 2-3 gambar comel diorang kat sini:

~Scene dalam Zettai Kareshi~

Dan nih gambar diorang sorang-sorang.

~Hayami Mokomichi dan Aibu Saki~

Nota tangan: Cuteness Overload. Dan kalau aku rajin, aku nak buat review cerita nih.=p

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